Why BERLINRKIEZ and not any other name?

First of all because we live in Berlin, a city that we love because of its street art, music, people, green and grey side; and secondly because we have been so inspired by each of its "kiez" (neigbourhood), so any other name could be better to describe on its best us.

Since almost a year we have been working on our brand. Looking for the right name and logo has not been an easy thing, but after several names and a lot of paintings, we are happy to present you this project created by Carol and Silvia.

Our designs are collages taken from between hundred of pictures of Berlin: street art, stickers, locations, people, festivals, parks, etc. Everyday, if you are around Berin, you see many people who photographs theirselfs with these motives from the streets here and there, so we thought: why don´t give them the possibility to wear it as citizen of Berlin or as tourist?

We love what we do and we welcome you in our creative world! :)

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